Last call for passengers...

Tuesday we spent the day doing last minute jobs. Once the packs were packed (and found to be UNDER the 20kg limit!) we felt like we were on top of things. We mished into town to change a couple of things at the hour later we were finally sussed! a quick stop into the supo for toiletries and marmite for Lee-Ann, a visit to Niki's Nana and then a visit to my Morrison grandparents was a nice way to spend the arvo. Time flew by of course and b4 we knew it we had to rush home to get ready for our farewell dinner out with friends at Zeytins. I had 3 courses!! their food is soo yum (& a bargain). We were once again really spoilt! (naughty ppl!) we luv our tees =) THANKS SO MUCH! Saying goodbye was hard and a few tears were had. Niki was convinced to go have a "few beers" with his mates... 12.30am he stumbled in! the alarm was set for 4.15am! Needless to say we didn't get much sleep. We got out the door by 5.15am (I was stressing as we were behind schedule) and arrived at the airport 2.5 hours before departure so had plenty of time. By then I was getting quite excited/scared...
So anyway (and you've probably already gathered this as right now we're supposed to be in the air yet I've just posted 3 blogs)... our flight was rescheduled for 10.50pm tonight!! STRESS STRESS... pain in the ass as we'd gotten up so early. After further investigation it was found out that we were actually going to be flying with Air NZ at 9.30pm via LA! So completely the opposite to our original flight plan to be flying wirh Royal Brunei Auckland-Brisbane-Borneo-Dubai-London! Even though we are leaving 12 hours later, we only arrive 4 hours later (now 11am) than original plan in Heathrow (Great for Lee-Ann she gets a sleep-in) + that way we won't have as long a day I guess. So all and all it has worked out alright. Right now we are at my sisters house hanging with my gorgeous nephew and catchin up on blogs! Probably have a wee nap this arvo and head back to the airport at 7.30 or so... we have already checked in our luggage and have been allocated a window seat YAY. It's a brand spanking new 777 aeroplane so that's exciting, hoping that means that we have personal tv screens etc. Pretty funny that we paid for a super cheap fare and now we're getting the service of a more expensive one! I found the marmite in my hand luggage before and was reminded by Hollie that you can't take "liquid" of more than 100ml cos of all the new security rules! So dammit Lee-Ann misses out on her marmite! I'm so ditzy there would've been plenty of room in my pack too.
Anyway that's it from us... next time we write we will be overseas! xo take care everyone

Farewell Eating

We had a good catch-up with girls from my previous work, James & Wells more commonly referred to as JAWS. We went out to Thai Village Cafe where we enjoyed a yummy dinner. Even though we are meant to be saving I can't say no to all these "farewell" lunches and dinners out! Thanks for a lovely night girls & for your friendship! I will keep in touch.

Wednesday I caught up with Em for lunch (Thx for shouting sweety!!) and Thursday I went to lunch with my team at work at the French Tart Cafe. Friday was our official last day of work...and i was very spoilt! Had an awesome morning tea shout (there was enough for lunch too) plus I got awesome pressies. A Lonely Plant "Europe on a Shoestring budget" guide and a basket of all kinds of goodies. Plus a special hula hoop creation from Desmond. Unless you work wih me you wouldn't get the joke but it is hilarious :) I will wear the stockings with pride!

Really Sad News

Our friend and flatmate of three years, Douglas Allen, took his own life on Tuesday 22 May. It's been a really hard week as we struggle to come to terms with it and our hearts go out to his family. Thanks for everyone's support. Even though we don't understand his decision we hope that he is now at peace. His funeral was held on Monday in Stratford and we're glad that we went to support his family. It was good to grieve and share memories of a kindhearted, sports-crazy awesome guy.

May 19th

May 19th was Kirsty's B-day and also happened to be our last weekend out partying NZ styles as we have to move and clean next weekend..and who knows how long that will take! We had a few drinks at Anton's and then I went to dinner with Lisa & Lindsay, Simon & Donna at Imbibe, Mt Maunganui ;) yum yum had a gorgeous cocktail too! Was feeling rather tipsy by 8pm so had a few waters so that i'd last the night. After that we headed to Kirsty's party, the BIG 25!!! Was great to see her and she looked lovely. Nice to hang wih my 'usual' crowd and also had a good catch-up with Leanne Taylor who was over from Sydney and Debra Balzer who was down from Auckland. Tina & I headed into town with a few other keen beans for a wee boogy where we met up with Niki & Dane a bit later. I had a "Snackarama" hotdog ! and later we caught a taxi home and stopped to buy pies as well... Niki passed out b4 eating his so I had his 1 for breakfast - what a piglet!

To Do List

This weekend was to be all about getting things done on our list (well “my” list, I’m a list person!). We did gardening, took a load of rubbish to the dump and other odd jobs around the house. The weekend flew by though and I’m sad to say we didn’t finish everything on “the list”, but we made a good effort.

I got some awesome bargains: an RPM hoody (kind of NZ-ish) and a pair of those Teva walking sandals – UGLY – but I have to have them so I feel better that I didn’t pay full price since they are ugly! All the travellers wear them so I'm sure I'll get used to them and will be glad for the comfort.

My sister visited with my gorgeous nephew! He is the cutest ever. It was great to see them and Jo took away a huge black rubbish bag full of my clothes & knick knacks, as well as our drawers and shelves! So now we’re living out of boxes!! Makes things a bit more exciting… Lucky dip what to wear.

Saturday night I was domesticated and baked a banana loaf (very yum) and after cleaning up and having a shower etc, I was sitting on the couch in my trackies having a quiet vodka watching tele (as you do). When at 9.30pm my flatty (Tarra) decided we should go out! I was a bit unmotivated but decided since it would be my last weekend out in Hammy and partying with Tarra I should go. And I’m super glad I did. We had the funnest night! We went to Tarra’s friends house and then on to town to Venom (Gay Bar) where we partied the night away. Even got to see a beautiful drag queen do a lip-sync. Some of Tarra’s friends are gay so that’s why we were there in the 1st place. I also saw Jason (Doug’s friend) who I knew when I was 17 so that’s a blast from the past, turns out he used to go out with one of Tarra’s friends! Small gay community I guess, everyone knows everyone.

This Wednesday we’re going out for dinner with our flatties so that should be fun, but also sad at the same time! Doug’s lived with us for 3.5 years and even though my flatm8’s drive me up the wall sometimes we’ve always had pretty cool ppl so it’s the end of an era really. The time is just flying!!!!

We have to have a go at packing our packs this week, hopefully I won’t be too horrified with the little amount of stuff I can take!

The count down is on!

Steve's Bday Drinks - 21 April

We went to Steve's house the other weekend to celebrate him turning 26! old fart :) anyway i just came across some pics of the boys which are funny so thought i'd blog 'em for your enjoyment

Girls' Nite ... 5 May

The weeks remaining until we go are quickly diminishing so 1 last girls' nite in Tauranga was in order! Unfortunately not the whole crew was available, but there were 5 of us and we had a fun night. We started at Lisa's at 5.30 as we had planned to look at pics from Lisa's hens nite which are saved on Hollie's laptop. Hollie arrived a bit later - without her laptop! So instead we used the spare time to have a few drinks and nibbles and girl talk. we had planned to go to dinner aiming for 7.30ish - we got to town at 9.45pm! needless to say most kitchens were closed and the choices for dinner were limited, so Breakers it was! And even though Breakers is known to be rather budget i can honestly say that my meal was delicious and a bargain at $10 - the girls who chose to simply have a dessert weren't quite as fortunate - bland bland bland, death by chocolate my ass! - of course i had a decent sample of each just to be sure!

From Breakers we ventured on to Home Bar (or should I say "Ozone") for a loo stop and a shot, and made our way back down to Coyotes stopping briefly at Corner Stone for another shot. We had a great dance, scared some 18 y/o pervy boys and had a yummy shaker. A few boyfriends turned up soon after and distracted us briefly! but we soon got rid of them :) I'm proud to say we lasted until 1.30am haha yes we're getting old but in our defense we started at 5.30 and the shoes we were wearing were absolutely beautiful but really not for standing up in!

Thanks for a great night chickees i will miss you all lots xo

Sick Days

About a week ago i was joking about how I had 5 weeks left of work and 45 sick days owing (don't ask, my work does it weird!) anyway so technically enough days to not come back to work at all. Obviously I wouldn't want to get sick enough for that to happen but it was good to know i had a few days up my sleeve in case i got stressed out or a cold or whatever.

Next thing I get sick...not just a runny nose.... no I can't do things by halves! I was off work from Tues afternoon for the rest of the wk. it ended up being some kind of stomach flu, got major cramps and 48 hours of running to the loo constantly. it was agony! I finally started to come right Sat night (while everyone else was out partying!) so yep all in all a CRAP way to spend one of my last weekends in NZ! on the positive side a few days of nothing staying in ya must help lose a kg or 2?? but i tell ya my appetite is back and bigger & better then b4 so I think i've already compensated!