She's just a vodka girl

Friday night we dined at Le Dome for Sheree & Marty’s farewell (Yummy Belgian CafĂ© on Victoria St in Hamilton with a zillion weird and wonderful beers and glasses). We then headed to Kremlin, new vodka bar on Vic St. which is really awesome & stylish, it looks really small from the street but if you go down the back there’s heaps of leather couches, pool tables, booths, 2 bars, dance floor etc etc. lotsa fun but I was home by midnight… my excuse being that I’d gotten up at 5.30am that morning to be dragged to the gym by my crazily motivated flatmate! Sheree & Marty are off to Eu so I’m sure we’ll see them again in the not so distant future! Happy Travels Guys!

Saturday night I finally got to catch up with Debra Balzer whom I haven’t really seen since Nov last year! We went out to Sahara Tent, byo wine styles and had lotsa fun catching up and then moved on to the Kremlin 4 drinks (where we had young admirers who wooed Debra by telling her she looked like a school girl & couldn’t possibly be 24!) and then on to Sekure/The Loft for the Heineken dance party. $10 door charge which I’m not usually happy paying but Debra had friends inside so we decided to go in. It was surprisingly fun even though I’m not usually into DJ dance parties but we had a good time and stayed til 3 so we got our money worth J haha such a bargain queen. And most importantly I was not hungover on Sunday – didn’t even succumb to peer pressure from DB to take her party pills! yay (last weekend’s hangover was far too fresh in my mind!)

Um umm what else has been happening…

My Mum & Terry (her partner) arrived at midnight on Tuesday from Aus (YAY duty free apple smirnoff!), so we picked them up from Ham Airport and they stayed the night. I had lunch with them on Wed and then they headed off to Tauranga. They’re here for 2 weeks though and there’s a few family things on so will be good to spend a bit of time with them.

Niki just finished re-staining the deck and fixing the front stairs. We’re (or should I say “Niki”) is also in the process of painting our loo…well the room anyway, not the actual loo! Thought he’d start on a small room and see how it looks… hope to finish it this weekend

A BIG congrats to Anj & Craig for the birth of Riley Craig Neilson-Hall born 27 March @ 7.45pm weighing 8lb7oz!! awww cute, can’t wait to see him I’m sure Ava will be a great big sister.

Watched "Little Miss Sunshine" the other night too, very funny and not your "average comedy" at all. I recommend it!

I’m a bit late in blogging this, it’s already nearly the weekend again and we’ve got lots on…starting with my brother’s wedding tomorrow (Friday 30th)!!!!

Stay tuned xx

I’m an athlete! Well, sort of…

From 4.30pm on Friday 16 March a team of my workmates participated in the “Summer Olmypics” - a fun games evening hosted by AgResearch and open to all businesses we deal with. The theme was “Kiwiana”.

We went as a NZ Comedy Show comprising of Fred Dagg, The Topp Twins, Ewan McGregor (blonde wig and all), Cal Wilson and Mike King (a non-maori version)! Hilarious

The games included: slippery slide and gumboot throwing, giant genga, moon hopper relay, 2 people in a sack collecting “kiwi eggs”; blindfolded human sheep herding and a few other crazy games. It was an awesome night, so much fun even thought we didn’t win any prizes – but we didn’t come last either!

Best dressed went to a team dressed as characters from Playschool…Big Ted, Little Ted, Manu & Jemima! Brings back the memories huh…Fantastic effort!

I was far too drunk… and had my first hung-over for a while on Saturday…not pleasant! I got up and had a shower went back to bed, had a piece of toast then to bed, went to Chartwell, back to bed…and so on… until next thing it was 3.30pm and I realised I better get ready for Shane & Kirstin’s engagement party which I was getting picked up for at 4.30!

Engagement party was lovely, I was still not feeling the best but they had sooo much good fatty food and I even managed a couple of glasses of yummy alcoholic punch (what can I say…booze hag!) but by 10pm I was ready for bed…I’d been there 5 hours so pretty good effort!

Sunday was “project day” and I finally felt my usual self so was stoked. Niki fixed the front step and I stripped wallpaper in the toilet (pleasant job that was!)

My mum & Terry arrive from Aus on Tuesday (YAY) and my brother gets married next Friday. Then we’re celebrating my sister’s 21st next Saturday; we’re possibly up Kaikohe from the Thurs b4 easter visiting Niki’s dad and then in Tauranga for my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary on Easter Sunday - 8 April (Louisa & Justine’s Birthdays!!) so might see some of u locals then. Also Anj will have def had baby by then so will hopefully get a sneak peek!

Hope u are all well xo

Mr & Mrs Chan

Friday started off with Donna & I attending Lisa’s step-class – I must say we were quite bad! But it was funny and a good work-out. Lisa went to have her hair washed/straightened so we did some groceries and bits & pieces.

At 3pm we met Lisa and her Dad at the beach for a walk through to see how long the song was and how quick we had to walk – it seemed like the longest boardwalk ever! We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the house, including the toilet (just you wait Lisa!) and Donna even did the fish bowl, while Lisa furiously typed her dad’s, Lindsay’s and her own speeches!! It was a pretty full-on evening with us not getting to bed until midnight…

Saturday morning we were out of the house at 8.30 to go to Abode to have our hair & make up done…then a quick stop in at the reception around 12 to make sure everything was going to plan, tracked down our bouquets and raced back out to Papamoa. I luckily had a bit of spare relax time at that point so I downed a couple of Riccadonna’s and snacks whilst Donna did the wedding ribbon on the cars and Lisa packed her overnight bag and all the time we were “acting natural” for the Vidtographer. (I’m going to be a movie star!)

Lisa & Lindsay were married on Saturday 10 March at 2pm at Papamoa Beach. It was a beautiful day and everything went really well. Lisa looked stunning – just like a bride out of a magazine!

The reception was held at the Sebel Trinity (new hotel on the water on Dive Cres in Tauranga). It’s a beautiful hotel and the reception room looked awesome. The food was Chinese, yum! I did a speech which went ok even though I was shaking and half crying! Mustn’t have had enough drinks yet ay. Haha I stayed surprisingly sober – mainly as I’m not a fan of wine (but the ol’ adding lemonade trick kind of worked). The cake was very funky and it was chocolate, banana & carrot… just gorgeous - yes I tried all 3 flavours!

It was a fabulous ‘party’, there was a band and it was so great to be together with this huge group of friends as we don’t often all see each other together.

L&L were classy (or perhaps horny) and left the party just before 12 I think. A group of friends (some of whom were VERY drunk…ahem Lin) went on to party in town ‘til 3am…We got home just after 1am…I’m losing my knack!

Fantastic weekend =)

Lisa's Hen's Weekend

8 of us made the trip away for Lisa’s Hen’s weekend on Friday evening, stopping off at Spookers ( @ Kingseat on our way up to Whangaparaoa. It’s an old mental institution made into a scarey attraction with dressed up actors and the like to scare you. We opted for the “Freaky Forest of Fear” as this had been recommended to me as the scariest of the 3 attractions. We had to go through in 2 groups of 4 and needed at least 1 torch per group. It was pretty cool, especially near the start they really got us. Jess & Bernadette who were in my group wanted to link arms but that turned to disaster when we tried to get away, as they held on tighter which resulted in Lisa & Jess tripping over each other and falling on the ground with the actor still looming over us as we scrambled to get away. I do recommend it, especially if you’re a screamer, but it was over a lot quicker than I had expected.

We then travelled further to Matakatiha Bay in Whangaparaoa to stay at Hollie’s Aunty’s house. It was a massive house with an awesome deck, surrounded by forest and just minutes away from a beach.

Saturday morning we headed off to play the hilarious “Hen’s Game of Shame”, invented by Hollie. We were split into 2 groups and were given group tasks and individual tasks to complete, everything had to be photographed as evidence. Some of the individual tasks included things like asking a barman for a kiss & a quick fuck, getting a pic in your bikini with 2 topless guys, and a funny one where you had to take the 3ft inflatable penis into a dairy and buy lubricant, by yourself! Also as a group we had to build 1mx1m rude sandcastles and have a group pic with it on 3 different beaches, we also had to have group pics taken with different men in uniform (from a list of 6)…and I must say both the police & firemen were very helpful!

In the afternoon we just laxed out on the deck with a few drinks etc, a few girls went and got their nails done. Later, once we were all glammed up and fed, we started the games and serious drinking. Some secrets were revealed and a lot of laughing took place. We dressed Lisa up in her outfit to wear out that night and headed downstairs as the stripper arrived. Stripper was fab and there are LOTS of great pics of him doing his thing. (Unfortunately I’d misplaced my camera at that stage of the night so I’ll have to get pics off the others for ya). We then played some more games, shots all round and headed into a local bar Babalu’s where we danced, made Lisa do dares and had a few more drinks.

Sunday, Jess & Bernie were up at 7ish as they wanted to be in Hamilton before 10 (CRAZY girls), so the rest of us kinda woke up around then too and slowly migrated from our beds, to the couch, to the bathroom and back again! Most of us were a little worse for wear, nurofen is my friend =) …later that morning we had a yummy cooked breky and headed home at about 12. What an AWESOME weekend!