Wounded in battle

Who said Health & Safety didn't matter in office jobs? jokes are often made about the worse injury an office worker could sustain is a "paper cut" or a "broken nail"... They obviously hadn't been around accident prone Hayley! Although compared to Ragan's experience (previous workmate) my "mishap" was nothing. Ragan managed to break her elbow (yes, her elbow!) when tripping over her dictation machine cord!

This morning I had just enjoyed a lovely morning tea shout and was putting some chairs back in the adjoining room, went to shut the door (not a normal door...one that I guess you could say "stretches/folds" so when it's closed the partitions are straight) anyway... I jammed my thumb! it made a deep cut, blood blisters and a whole lot of bruising. Luckily my boss was near and what a super duper first aider she was. At first they thought I may need stitches - but on closer inspection it wasn't as bad. just a whole lot of painful throbbing and the embarrassment of being such a dufus...yet again! James & Wells girls will remember the countless "grazed knees" from me tripping over on the way to/from work...

You don't realise how much u use your thumb until you can't!

We're outta here

Hi all, just a quick note to let you know that we are off on our OE on Wed 30 May 2007! 6 weeks to go...(ahhhhhhhhh) hopefully will catch up with every1 b4 we go. Probably won't have a farewell party as such, but will def be keen to do dinner / drinks with u all, so expect some harassment from us next month to organise some catch ups :)

Long Weekend Bliss

Wednesday night we made the trip up to Niki’s Dad’s place. He lives just out of Rawene which is in the upper North Island near Opononi and Kaikohe. About a 5 hour drive from Hamilton. Glenn lives in a house bus and has some land where he’s growing every fruit & vege you can imagine! We picked raspberries for breakfast and courgette, capsicum, pumpkin, tomatoes etc for lunch/dinners. We basically just laxed out, read books & pottered around. The weather was awesome which was a bonus! We did a beach walk and they put out the net and caught a kawhai which they then smoked. YUM! It’s pretty awesome up there but I’m a city girl so can only handle it for a couple of days!

At 12 on Saturday we left to make the long trip to Tauranga. A stop for lunch, a visit to Niki’s Aunty in Auckland and a road closure just out of Paeroa made the trip a slow one. We finally arrived just before 8pm. I met up with Kirsty for a good catch-up over a few drinks while Niki stayed home to lax out after all that driving (cos his damn girlfriend can’t drive!)

Sunday we went to the Morton Estate Winery @ Katikati to celebrate my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. All the family was there which doesn’t happen often. It was really lovely to see everyone and have a few pics and it was so awesome for my grandparents, they are so fantastic.

That afternoon we headed to Jared & Shelley’s house (Niki’s brother & sister-in-law) to catch up with them. Later I met Justine & parents for her b-day @ “The Quarry” (fancy new “tavern” in Te Puna). Kate Conaghan and her parents also came. It was awesome to see the girls cos I don’t get to see them often since they live far away now.

Monday I headed into town to do a spot of shopping while Niki played golf with his mates (he was really really bad apparently). I texted a few girlfriends to see if anyone was free for lunch or something and then next thing I was heading to Rotorua with Tina & Jade to Paradise Valley to pat the 5 wk old lion cubs. SOOO CUTE!! Fantastic afternoon

So all and all a very busy but super fun Easter weekend … I had my fair share of marshmallow eggs & a choc bunny too

Here comes the bride...

My brother got married on Fri 30 March in Rotorua. An awesome excuse to take half a day off work and dress up! I recycled my bridesmaid dress from L&L’s wedding so I felt super fab - but I was careful of course not to look as pretty as the bride nor her bridesmaids! They had a massive wedding party – 5 groomsmen & bridesmaids + 2 paige boys & flower girls (sooo cute!). They all looked fantastic.

Tafea is Tokelauen so it was a Christian and culture filled event. It was really nice experiencing a completely different wedding and a fab chance to catch up with rellies etc. The reception was held at the racecourse and the food was DELICIOUS, seafood, salads, selection of roast meats & veges, pav, ├ęclairs … I just want to be back there filling up my plate once more! Haha

Saturday night 4 friends from Tga came over and we went to the Chiefs vs Blues at Waikato Stadium. Low scoring first half, but we were ahead which made it fun…second half it all turned to crap and we were sitting amongst a whole bunch of screaming jaffas… not so fun!! Also sitting near your typical “rowdy bunch of drunk guys that keep starting a Mexican wave”… funny

We then ventured back to the hotel for some drinks (where Niki got horribly drunk!) and we headed into town. It was pretty busy but I wasn’t feeling it ‘cos no one wanted to dance!! The next morning we went to the Cook for brunch (their brekkie has gone down hill!!) b4 all heading in our own directions.

Sunday arvo was nap time and then Niki & I drove up to Akl to visit my sister+co & my Mum + Terry who are staying with them for a few days.

And then it was Monday…