A bit out of order...

Even though I started this blog in the new year I thought i'd still share some pics with you of our New Years celebrations! We had a great "cocktail" evening up at Hollie's house in Tauranga. Tequila, Vodka, Schnapps... you name it, we mixed it! Jelly Shots a plenty as well. I must say the Grasshopper was a firm fav of the evening, it's a gr8 intake of calcium (good for our elderly bones!) so that halves the guilt!

We had a bit of good indoor/outdoor flow happening until the rain came at 10... but that wasn't to ruin our night! The obligatory games of Circle of Death, slaps etc etc were played and of course gr8 dancing tunes were blasting from the stereo... I rocked the dance floor with some fab moves to Christina's "Dirrty" and my fav song of 2006, TV Rock's "Flaunt It". Even cranked out some pole dancing moves - using Darryl as the pole! She's all class folks...

Half the crowd camped out overnight and we had a yum bbq'd breky on the 1st - what a way to start the year! :) We must be getting older as we were all rather well behaved (as far as I know anyway!) and felt pretty fine the next morning...apart from being "all kinds of tired" of course! (ah that Debra she has a way with words!)

I hope you all had a gr8 New Years wherever you were! All the very best for 2007 :-)

Now the tricky part....attaching the pics! It might be a bit messy this time..I'll figure out those gallery things soon!

Testing 1 2 3

Hey all, Hope you are all well. I'm VERY excited as this is my first time blogging! Thought I'd jump on the band wagon and get the hang of this as we plan to do our OE later in the year and will have plenty of awesome stories to tell ya'll then I'm sure :) and I promise to keep our blog slightly more update than Kim's...although that won't be too hard!

Notice how it's Hayley & Niki's blog! how very coupley of me... you know how Miss Idependent I usually am :) I figure there's no way Niki will be this organised and his poor mum will never hear what's going on! So since I can type faster (one of my many talents) it makes sense for me to take over... although one of my New Years Resolutions was to be less bossy and organised!! haha maybe next year :)

Anyway I'll sign off now as I want to see what happens when I push the "Publish" button. ooooohhhh here i go...