Alive and kicking

Hi all just a quick note to say we are alive and well!! I have not had time to blog since we started our wee Europe trip so in case anyone was missing my blogs... this is a lil one to tide u over!!! At this moment in time we are in Vienna and tomorrow morning at 8am we leave for Salzburg! we just had drinks in the hostel bar with fellow busabouters whilst watchignthe rugby world cup final...we were not going to watch it, cos WHO CARES! but anyway we did...and now Niki is back in his depressive state. The aussies are already giving us shit for 2011 when the All Blacks will choke again times! nah they are all great peeps. there is a 100 to 1 ratio of Aussies to NZrs everywhere!

Anyway we are having the bestest time, have met some great people and are basically loving the lifestyle! It will be awful when we have to return to the real world and get jobs! at this stage we are still palnning on going to Scotland...prob around the 5th of Nov. It is cold as already though and we have not even come across snow yet...although apparently tomorrow in Salzburg we will! brrrrrr. who knows how i will handle cold Scotland! After Salzburg we go to Munich for 5 nights, then Stuttgart for 2, then Paris... Hopefully we will sort a plan and some flights in our spare time in Munich.

I will blog when we get settled and post some pics...we have a million! just remember I am doing this as a type of online diary as well so do not feel u have to read it all!!!

better go put Niki in the recovery position...

xo to everyone we miss u all!!!!!!!